All Because of You is about the culture of the younger participants on the northern soul music scene in Birmingham and the Midlands. 

The northern soul community shies away from the mainstream and instead prefers to be represented by scene insiders.

Northern soul is the product of a disincive music scene which started in the UK in the 1970s, and coninues today across the world. The scene is built around disincive styles of mostly 1960s and 70s African American records played at events for dancing. Scene participants take on key roles of dancers, DJs and record collectors.

This project represents the outcome of a collaborative relationship between Sarah Raine and Bethany Kane, created through their different yet overlapping engagements with the northern soul scene: as photographer and researcher; and as fans.

All Because of You was made possible through the time, passion and energy offered up by these young Northern Soulies. The curated photographs, audio, memorabilia and scene insider account share a glimpse into their world.

All Because of You is about the people, places and pracices that make up scene now, in paricular those who represent the next generaion of Northern Soulies. It offers a contrast to films, documentaries, exhibitions and books that place northern soul within the 1970s and a distinct history of venues from the Twisted Wheel to Wigan Casino. 

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