An Archive of My Father's Youth: 80's & 90's Football Culture

 Published in 2018 in collaboration with Billy Kane, this photo book explores football culture in the 1980s and 1990s following Leeds United Football Club and the 

English National Team. 

Lost Generation


Lost Generation, published in 2017, features the work of Amy Warwick, Ashley Rommelrath, Bethany Kane, Broth Tarn, Bryony Williams, Charlie Warcup, Emily Coghlan, Fletch, Jack Harris, Jamie Shipston, Jessica-Rose Lena, Joe Goicoechea, Joe O’Brien, Leigh Harrison, Luke Williams, Sadie Bailey, Steve Bell, Sophie Leigh, Sophie Wedgewood and Tom Woodroffe.

Lost Generation III

Lost Generation volume 3, published in 2018, features the work of Aidan Free-Smith, Aleksa Vitorovic, Amy Warwick, Brigitte Ng, Claudio Majorana, Cole Flynn Quirke, Daniel Hammers, Daniel Harvey Gonzales, Emily Coghlan, Jan Lietava, Jason Plusky, Joe Crawley, Joe Goicoechea, Josie Lamb, Laurie Vincent, Liam Clark, Michaela McGuiness, Pierre White, Rhys Thompson, Sadie Bailey, Sam Philips, Thomas Jackson, Tom Woodroffe, Will Creswick and Zavier Bailey.

Moderately Confused, a Lost Generation Project

Moderately Confused, published in 2019, features the work of Miles Walters, Tyler Bowler and Zac Humphries, these students studying at Sandwell College. Through a series of workshops and discussions with Bethany Kane collaborated with Miles, Tyler and Zac on this publication and accompanying exhibition. 

Road Trip: Texas & New Mexico

Published in 2018, this photobook displays a series of photographs taken throughout the Texas and New Mexico States of America during Bethany Kane's 

road trip in 2016.

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